Nathan’s Brother, Spot On, 2021

Nathan’s Brother is Dutch multi-instrumentalist Maurice. Who might also be Nathan’s brother, I don’t know 😉 Anyway, with Spot On he delivers

Battersea, Arguments & Sentiments, 2019

Where the Rock Company label normally releases melodic (hard) rock or progressive music, occasionally something a bit different comes to the surface.

Exit 31, Wood, 2017

There is always an exception to a rule. So where as normally I am not really fond of mini albums, or EP’s

Rah Rah, Vessels, 2015

A lot of really good new music is coming in from Canada lately, and here is another example. Probably best categorised as

Classic: David And David, Boomtown, 1986

This weeks classic is the 1986 released Boomtown album by David + David.