Captain Danger, Love Sweet Love, 2021

Los Angeles based band Captain Danger released this 6 track EP in 2021 and on it, they blend pop, rock, funk and

Nathan’s Brother, Spot On, 2021

Nathan’s Brother is Dutch multi-instrumentalist Maurice. Who might also be Nathan’s brother, I don’t know 😉 Anyway, with Spot On he delivers

Peter Cat, The Saccharine Underground, 2020

Let me start with making my apologies for the lack of updates.  These are strange times and time for me has been

Elsinore, A Life In The 21st Century, 2019

From the midst of the US Midwest come Elsinore, a 5-piece band who consider themselves the spiritual children of David Bowie, The

Jack Green, The Party At The End Of The World, 2020

And while the name Jack Green did not really ring a bell with me, reading through the press information I learned that

The Needs, You Need The Needs, 2019

Don’t know how this ended up on my desk, but currently making rounds in my CD player is this album “You Need

Acoustic Black, In A Different Light, 2019

From the Bavaria region in Germany come this trio, Acoustic Black. The name, in combination with the front cover, should tell you

Bryan Beller, Scenes From The Flood, 2019

Some musicians are so talented it’s almost inhuman. And when they often work with other guys whose chops are also out of

Freya Roy, Ahlke, 2019

When I was reading the press sheet coming with this album, I got a bit sad and ashamed that, in this day

Guy Paul Thibault, The Road Between, 2019

When you play over 200 shows per year and still manage to record a new album, you must be dedicated to your

John Wiseman, Filling The Void, 2019

One should never underestimate the power of building a good track order for one’s release. But when your album covers a pretty

F-uki, F-uki Music, 2016

From Japan comes F-uki, who was pretty adamant I’d write about this album. So I will. Self described as “Pursuit of balance

Ronny Morris, Sweet Silence, 2018

I cannot help but smile while listening to this debut from Danish musician Ronny Morris. Not because of the beautiful and a

Baskery, Coyote & Sirens, 2018

Talking about never judge a book, ehr CD by the cover. Don’t know about you, but when I put this CD in