B.D. Gottfried, Through The Dog’s Eyes, 2017

A couple of years have past since the previous album from B.D. Gottfried (vocals, drums, keyboards) landed on my desk. And that

Michael Malarkey – Mongrels, 2017

According to the press sheet Michael Malarkey is an actor, known from The Vampire Diaries. But since I hardly watch TV, I

Todd Rundgren, White Knight, 2017

The career of Todd Rundgren spans generations and genres, so this iconic songwriter, artist, producer and innovator probably has a rolodex with

Lost Lakes, Self Titled, 2016

Alas I cannot remember for the life of me how I got this. And unfortunately I did not receive any info with

The Sighs Of Monsters, Lie, 2017

Oh yeah, I cannot help but like a band who clearly state they love albums and respect the album as an art

Songsbury, Self Titled, 2016

Mhm, not sure how this ended up on my desk. But anyway, I got it, so I listened to it. This is

Sir Rana, Expectations, 2016

Sir Rana are a new band from Sweden and Expectation is their first EP release. You will find 6 songs on it,

Tribe Royal, Colours Of The Sun, 2016

From Canada come Tribe Royal. After their formation in 2014, they have been ploughing towards earning a reputation as a professional, hard

Brandon White, Crow Black Smoke, 2016

This must be one of the fastest posts ever. Released today and already my thoughts are going online 🙂 Well, some of

The Fast Camels, Tales Of The Expected, 2016

Oh, all ye people with a never ending love for the music of the sixties… your wishes have been fulfilled! Yes, here

Jeff Young, Choose Your Own Unknown, 2016

Seems not so long ago I wrote about Jeff Young, but that was in fact an international release of an album out

Holly Montgomery, Leaving Eden, 2016

Sometimes it is hard to fathom how the music business works. Take for example this independent album from singer, bass player (and

Last Hologram, Brave New World, 2016

On to something a little different now; Last Hologram and their independently released Brave New World album. The band is the reincarnation

David Huff, Born For This, 2016

Well, this is released on Giant Records, and I also read Nashville somewhere. So I bet some of you are now making

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