Giant Flying Turtles, Waltz To The World, 2017

Another new band whose album has been making many rounds in my CD-player the last weeks. The funny thing is, looking at

The Sighs Of Monsters, Lie, 2017

Oh yeah, I cannot help but like a band who clearly state they love albums and respect the album as an art

Soul Exchange, Bloodbound, 2016

Even though I believe this is their second album, for me this is my first time listening to Swedish band Soul Exchange.

Savoldelli Casarano Bardoscia, The Great Jazz Gig In The Sky, 2016

If you take a look at the cover and the title of the album, I am quite sure a lot of you

Magic Pie, King For A Day, 2015

This band is amongst the first to get a feature here on the blog, and with good reason. It is always hard

17 Pygmies, Isabel II, Abaddon Rising, 2015

Actually the picture on the left does not do justice to the packaging of this album. By now I would say “as

B.D. Gottfried, Motion Fever, 2015

Much to my amazement this turns out to be the seventh release by this Canadian musician. Alas I have never heard of

Platens, Out Of The World, 2014

Dario Grillo is a busy man. Another band of him Violet Sun, was featured here not that long ago, and now he

Jennie Abrahamson, Gemini Gemini, 2014

Somewhere I stumbled on a video of Jennie Abrahamson and it made me very curious to hear this album. It took some

Anette Olzon, Shine, 2014

With a melodic rock and gothic / prog background, and most famous for her time with Nightwish, I was kinda curious as

Susan Clynes, Life Is, 2014

So, just when you think you have figured the MoonJune Records label out, they surprise you with this release. Instead of another

Doris Brendel, Not Utopia, 2012

From where I stand I hope many regular visitors of the site recognize the name Doris Brendel. Not so long ago I

Silent Lapse, Birthright, 2009

The 2009 album Birthright by progmetallers Silent Lapse.

Green Carnation, The Quiet Offspring, 2005

The 2005 album The Quiet Offspring, from prog metallers Green Carnation.