Wine Guardian, Timescape, 2021

Another Italian prog band, but coming more from a metal perspective, when compared to my previous post about Karmamoi. Wine Guardian are

DarWin, 2 A Frozen War, 2020

Okay progressive rock / metal fans; this is one for you to track down! Just have a look at all the names

PanzerBallett, Planet Z, 2020

My first time listening to a Panzerballett album. And it sure makes for an otherworldly experience… This is for people who are

Inner Odyssey, The Void, 2020

From Canada (I think) come Inner Odyssey, a 5 piece prog rock / metal band with this self released album. And I

Nili Brosh, Spectrum, 2019

If ever there was a title that fits the contents, then it must be this one. This is an album that showcases

Blind Ego, Preaching To The Choir, 2020

While this marks the first Blind Ego album to get a feature, it certainly is not the first time Kalle Wallner (RPWL)

Midnight Sun, Dark Tide Rising, 2019

From the UK comes this debut album. Yes it is a debut and yes, I am aware the band name has been

Stamina, Live In The City Of Power, 2019

How do you get people to buy a live album from you (after 4 studio albums) when you have not yet reached

Odin’s Court, Turtles All The Way Down vol. II, 2018

The reason that I very much prefer to receive a CD for review purposes, is not only that I still think that

Sky Empire, The Dark Tower, 2018

Sometimes an album just blows you out of your socks. And simply put, this is one of those albums! Yes I may

Tomorrow’s Eve, Project Ikaros, 2018

With Project Ikaros, German based progressive metal outfit Tomorrow’s Eve release part 3 of their Mirror Of Creation saga. Which are built

Hekz, Invicta, 2018

Oh yes! Took a while but with help from Matt (vocals and bass), the latest offering from UK prog metal band Hekz

OH, Metallia, 2018

This is the second time Olivia Hadjiioannou, better known as OH., makes an appearance here on the blog. The first time was

Hillsphere, Florescence, 2018

Lots of prog releases and debuts have been arriving here at YMB HQ, and this one doubles as both qualities apply. Hillsphere