Bryan Beller, Scenes From The Flood, 2019

Some musicians are so talented it’s almost inhuman. And when they often work with other guys whose chops are also out of

25 Yard Screamer, Natural Satellite, 2019

While I had promised myself to start writing shorter reviews to try to catch up a bit on all the albums waiting

Jolly, Family, 2019

After a rather lengthy break (the album title hints at one of the reasons behind that) the incredible Jolly are back with

The Gift, Changeling, 2019

Apparently the fourth album from this London-UK based band and the first to make it to my playlist. According to the press

Introitus, Shadows, 2019

Since the review pile has become unacceptably long, I had to decide to start writing shorter reviews. I hope that with this

Magic Pie, Fragments Of The 5th Element, 2019

Album number 5 for these Norwegian musicians. And 3 of the earlier albums you can find on these pages! And if you

Midnight Sun, Dark Tide Rising, 2019

From the UK comes this debut album. Yes it is a debut and yes, I am aware the band name has been

Intelligent Music Project IV, Sorcery Inside, 2019

Indeed album number 4 for the Intelligent Music Project.  All songs are written and produced by Milen Vrabevski and are dedicated to

Brighteye Brison, V, 2019

Brighteye Brison are a name I had heard of before, but this is the first time actually hearing their music. Well, and

Rob Cottingham, Back Behind The Orchard Tree, 2019

Ex  Touchstone and now Cairo frontman Rob Cottingham first surfaced with Behind The Orchard Tree in 2002, which was in essence the

Euphoria Station, The Reverie Suite, 2019

If you think the cover of this album hints a bit at Country or Americana music, you would not even be very

Ruphus, Ranshart, 1974

Of course this is not a 1974 CD, but the 2019 remaster of an album that is considered to be one of

Jordsjo, Nattfiolen, 2019

In the press sheet I read that this Norwegian band is influenced by old horror movies, German 70’s synth music, Norwegian jazz,

Red Bazar, Things As They Appear, 2019

Oh my, quite the album this! That is, if you like bands like Enchant or It Bites, spiced with a dash of

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