Classic: Kate Bush, Hounds Of Love, 1985

Just realised I haven’t done a classic in quite a while, so here we go again. Guess it is pretty obvious that

Moraine, Groundswell, 2014

As this is released by Moonjune Records, it is not hard to predict where this is going. But as far as progressive

Sonata Arctica, Pariah’s Child, 2014

For years I have been reluctant in trying to listen to Sonata Arctica, expecting them to be a standard power metal band

Jet Black Sea, The Path Of Least Existence, 2013

Okay, the press sheet mentions this is progressive, ambient, instrumental, experimental rock. And that is all true. Adrian Jones is responsible for

Biffy Clyro, Opposites, 2013

Despite them having quite a history (as I found out later), my first encounter with this band was the video for the

Coheed And Cambria, The Afterman: Ascension, 2012

Ever since I first started listening to Coheed And Cambria, I have been caught. Not only with the music, but also with

Umphrey´s McGee, The Bottom Half, 2007

There are some things in life you just cannot prepare for. For instance, let´s take this double disk. The band had been

Violet Sun, Loneliness In Supremacy, 2011

Violet Sun are a new name, but main songwriter and instrumentalist Dario Grillo (guitars, vocals, synths, bass, etc.) is far from the

Jolly, The Audioguide To Happiness, 2011

When I found out that the incredible Jolly (as they like to call themselves) had a new album out, there was no

Degreed, Life Love Loss, 2010

The 2010 album Life Love Loss by Degreed.

Classic: Nme Within, Science Krucifikktion, 1997

This time a look at the alas one and only Nme Within album Science Krucifikktion from 1997.

Therion, Sitra Ahra, 2010

Review of last years Sitra Ahra album by Therion.

Helloween, Unarmed, 2010

My view on the 2010 best of from Helloween called Unarmed.

Vanderhoof, Same, 1997

Just been enjoying the first Vanderhoof album from 1997 a lot lately and thought I´d give it some more attention here.