Markus Reuter, Truce 2, 2022

And here we have an album released in 2022! Based on the musical input by high profiled Moonjune artists, Markus Reuter ((touch)guitars

Cos, Grace, 2021

Out of the blue arrived this album from Mark W. Costoso, who releases his music under the Cos banner. And what a

Sylvan, One To Zero, 2021

Being my usual late self to all the releases still waiting for me to review them, in case of Sylvan I do

Telergy, Black Swallow, 2020

As we have already learned from past Telergy releases, mastermind Robert McClung is not only a prolific music composer, he also always

Sons Of Ra, Cognitive, 2020

From Chicago hail instrumental progressive rock trio Sons Of Ra. The band is Erik Oldman on guitars, Keith Wakefield on bass and

Widetrack, The Unwakening, 2020

Father and son Tippin are back with a new album, The Unwakening. And where on their previous output I applauded the melancholy

Subsignal, A Song For The Homeless, 2020

Normally I rarely feature live albums. Especially when I have doubts whether the contents have been “fixed” afterwards in a studio. But