Red Mourning, Under Punishment’s Tree, 2018

red mourning - under punishment's treeIt was tempting to repeat what I said when I wrote about their 2014 album Where Stone And Water Meet. But that would not do the band justice. Yes, this album is still a mix of hardcore screams, heavy riffs, beautiful vocal melodies that open up the whole sound, ferocious drumming and all in all a massive amount of energy.

If anything, their vibrant mix of blues, heavy metal, hardcore and groove, seems to have matured even more. Even someone like me, who typically does not like screaming vocals, can fall for the combination at work here. I can understand why a lot of what is going on is still not aimed at the faint of heart, but listeners who enjoy a band that dares to cross boundaries, will find lots to their liking here. For instance, take a listen to Calls Of Pan and you will know immediately what I am talking about. When the vocal melodies and harmonies kick in, this band produces a power that is impossible to resist. And then the screaming serves a purpose too, like dark serves light.

I can only applaud the band for delivering another unique set of songs, where blues harp and slide guitar sit beside hard hitting metal and still make sense.


Red Mourning, Where Stone & Water Meet, 2014

red mourning - where stone and water meetWell, seems that Bad Reputation are up to stretching some boundaries here. So far I reviewed many of their bands and a lot of those operate in blues based hard rock territory. Not Red Mourning. Okay, the press info talks about slide guitar blues, blues harp and stuff. But hey it also states that this is a unique kind of metal and that proves actually true. I mean, how many bands can you name that combine blastbeats with hard core shouting and vocal harmonies, with death metal, hardcore punk, Chicago blues and grunge?

And I know, when you read that it just seems like a bunch of thrown together terms and must lead to patchy songs. At best. But, much to my surprise, the band make it work! Okay, some of their work is not for the faint of heart, but I gotta say, those parts with the vocal harmonies really open up the music and strangely blend very well with the metal core typed singing in the other parts.
And as often is the case, to more you listen to it, the more you are grabbed by this French combo. Yes it is fierce and riffing face melting metal. But I must confess I am really getting into this, especially when you add that it takes balls to go out and combine various influences into an as yet unknown genre. Addictive stuff, so watch out for it!