Slug Comparison, When You Were Living Here, 2019

Slug Comparison - When You Were Living HereSecond album from Canadian singer / guitar player Doug Harrison (Fen). The first one was released a couple years ago and I loved that one to bits. After that, Doug started releasing a few songs at a time in the form of digital EP’s, until Rock Company came with the plan to combine those with a few extra songs and release them in physical form too. And the result is this!

Opener Exactly What To Do is a meaty rocker that kicks things into gear. Great chorus too. Hyperslump is more mellow, even when the tempo goes up a bit. Let Some Light has a bit of a singer/ songwriter vibe to it. It sounds deceivingly simple!
There are several songs on this album that send the shivers up my spine. Fine With It is one of them, same as the killer title track and Beings Far Away. Those last 2 are dedicated to the memory of Eric Rose, Doug’s close friend from whom a painting is used in the front cover. So Ya Got A Great Guitar and One More Step are a return to more rocking territory.

This release proves once more that Harrison is a fabulous songwriter with the ability to sing any type of song with a stunning passion and emotion. Also, the diversity of the tracks means that lots of people will find something to their liking. This is a genre crossing release that you must explore!


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Claudio Delgift, also known as “C,” is a singer and guitarist from Buenos Aires, Argentina. So far he has released 7 solo albums, two singles, and an EP, as well as participated in many more musical ventures. His large following on social media is due to his frequent postings of his amazing work. Often live! Since so far none of his releases had been available on CD, Rock Company contacted Claudio to see if a cooperation would work out. And it did! So here we proudly present a remastered version of 12 tracks from his 7 albums so far. We think it is a stunning testament of a truly gifted musician.

CD pre-order available on bandcamp and Rock Company and album release is December 28.

Slug Comparison is the solo project of Fen vocalist/guitarist Doug Harrison. Known for blending darkness and light, acoustic and electric, Harrison first deepened his exploration of these elements with a 2014 solo album that felt like a Part II to Fen’s acclaimed album Trails Out Of Gloom.
In 2017, Harrison started recording and releasing EP’s. After four of them—IIa, b, c and d—Rock Company got in touch and convinced him to bundle these EP’s, add a few extra tracks and release them as the successor to his solo debut.

So here is Slug Comparison’s second album: When You Were Living Here. Album release is January 16-2019 and pre order starts January 1 on iTunes, Bandcamp and Rock Company.

Slug Comparison, IIb, 2017

slug comparison - iibNo rule without exception, and for Slug Comparison I have no problem breaking a few. After a full length and part a of a series of EP’s, we now have the already announced part B. The info on bandcamp gives you some insight in the background of these songs, worth a read. The band / project now consists of Mike Young – bass and programming, Dave Young – programming, Sam Levin – additional string arrangements and Doug Harrison – vocals, guitars, programming and string arrangements.

First song is When You Were Living Here. Very moody and I suspect a fitting tribute to the friend Doug lost. Some wonderful accents in the arrangement too. Beings Far Away is the second song and is another emotional piece full of heartfelt performances. This music grabs you and in my humble opinions crosses genres. Just open your heart and ears and listen!

By the way Doug, sorry I missed part A!

Slug Comparison, Self Titled, 2014

slug comparisonFans of Opeth, Porcupine Tree or Katatonia please pay attention. Slug Comparison is the moniker under which Fen vocalist and guitarist Doug Harrison has released this self titled album. And it is a progressive alternative rock album with a dark edge to it. Which is why the artwork makes perfect sense.

What most caught my hear while listening to this is the voice of Harrison. His delivery is a perfect match for the moody music. That never is really heavy or technical, the emphasis is on melodies and melancholy. This is blending darkness and light and has no trouble holding your attention. Recorded over a 2 year period, Harrison keeps exploring and keeps growing, both as a vocalist and as a song writer. Several Fen mates help out on this album, so fans of their Trail Out Of Gloom album will want this.

Opener Bringer Of Doom is a nice way to get acquainted, and every song that follows just strengthens that familiar feeling. Short Of Hell has a great melody and some twisted sounds to throw you of the path. Which is a good thing. Evil Ways sees Doug experiment with his vocals and Long Live The Night is a multi layered epic where a choir and battlefield soundscapes add to the impact.
Interesting and spell binding…