New Rock Company releases

Following on last year’s stellar album “RISING”, by US/UK rockers Legion, “REDEMPTION” takes things a step further into melodic metal. Release date

Sunrise Auranaut, Inserter, 2018

Album number 5 already for Russian multi-instrumentalist Vitaly Kiselev. Again with help from Alexander Malakhov on synthesisers. Besides writing and playing and

New Rock Company releases

Coming Friday we will see the release of the highly anticipated new album from Brazilian rock hope Marenna! Expect a cracking live

Sunrise Auranaut, The Ocean Of Unspoken Words, 2017

Oh my! In my review of the previous album from Vitaly Kiselev’s Sunrise Auranaut I suggested he’d try a more focused approach

Sunrise Auranaut, The First Cosmic, 2015

Sunrise Auranaut is in essence Russian musician Vitaly Kiselev, who wrote all the songs, performed all guitars and keyboards and programmed bass