Corners Of Sanctuary, Metal Machine, 2015

corners of sanctuary - metal machineIt might be the first time ever that I would only need three words to describe an album. And these three words are Traditional Heavy Metal. So despite one of the most extensive press information efforts ever, this is going to be a short one.

Corners Of Sanctuary (COS) are a 4 piece band from the USA and pride themselves in being old school. This is already their 4th album, yet the first one I heard. And for me it is a tough ride. The sound is thick, bordering into muddy and old school indeed. The music is strictly sticking to their beliefs, no surprises. True metal as it were.

So if traditional heavy metal is your thing, you will probably dig this a lot. Me, I prefer more adventure and diversity.


December People, Sounds Like Christmas, 2001

december people - sounds like christmasI just couldn´t resist paying attention, or homage if you will, to this wonderful 2001 release. For the time of the year, this is a companion that keeps finding it´s way to my CD-player and  never tires.

For this release Robert Berry and a lot of friends have recorded traditional Christmas songs, but cleverly disguised them to sound like classic artists like Kansas, Queen, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Yes, and the like. Speaking of Kansas, Steve Walsh apparently was so impressed he wrote and recorded an original song with his band.

And while I don´t care all that much for popular music (hey, I don´t even own a radio), this is a piece of art that entertains me greatly. And now I use it to indoctrinate the family, ho ho ho. So if you like me are not into seasonal standards, but do like quality progressive tinged music, this will be of your liking. Fantastic moods and play, and a really nice guessing game of who influenced what. Super!

I read there is a new album out that, besides some of these tunes, also holds a couple of new ones. It is called Rattle and Humbug I believe, and I will make sure to pick that up.

And to seize the occasion, thanks for reading my posts and wishing you all the best. Keep safe and healthy!