Trucker Diablo, Fighting For Everything, 2017

trucker diablo - fighting for everythingThis is the third Trucker Diablo album that has reached the YMB office. Find the 2012 The Devil Rhythm and 2013 Songs of Iron albums amongst these pages. Yet it seems that means I missed album 3, Rise Above the Noise, from 2015. Which also answers my question about the time gap between albums.

In the past I have called the music from Trucker Diablo a combination of Thin Lizzy and Black Label Society. Yet this time around I would like to describe this as the evil younger brother of Nickelback. With which I mean to say that many songs on this are catchy as the flu too, yet brought with a venomous intent and a take no prisoner mentality. Yes a little of that wonderful Thin Lizzy dual guitar attack is still present (check We Will Conquer All for a taste of that), but overall I have found this to be a kick ass hard rock album that grabs you from the go and still manages to get better every time you listen to it.
For me the killer tracks are opener Born Trucker, the already mentioned We Will Conquer All and the beautiful album closer When The Waters Rise. But this surely is a no filler album.

Anyone who thinks that rock is dead should get this served for breakfast, lunch and dinner. That will make ‘m change their mind. Rocks, and rocks hard!


Trucker Diablo, Songs Of Iron, 2013

trucker diablo - Songs of IronWith a band name like Trucker Diablo and an album titled Songs Of Iron, you leave little to the imagination of someone checking out the record stores. Especially when a tattooed girl in jeans is on the cover with a PA sticker. So if you guessed hard rock, you are right. This CD comes pretty hot on the heels of 2012 debut The Devil Rhythm, and I am happy to report that if anything, this is probably just a bit better in every department.

As 2012 saw the band play a string of live shows, it is no wonder playing is even more tight than before. And while still true to the sound of the first release, it just radiates even more energy and self belief. Which is a good thing. So again somewhere between Black Label Society and Thin Lizzy, this bunch has delivered another set of no frills hard rocking songs which will go down well with any crowd. Nice progress, and if they continue on this path, there is no doubt in my mind they will rise to claim their place in rock history. Expect the album in May 2013 and go see them on tour.


Trucker Diablo, The Devil Rhythm, 2012

trucker diablo - the devil rhythmA self made band if ever there was any, these Northern Irishmen. Probably best described as the bastard sons of Black Label Society and Thin Lizzy, this quartet is working hard to make people notice. Originally self released, this is the 2012 re-release on the recently heavily featured Bad Reputation label. Since early 2008 they are making a name for themselves and already have support from guys like Ricky Warwick, Joe Elliot and Cormac Neeson. And besides playing Download, they were also on Radio all around. That they get a song on Rock Band will not hurt them either!

So there is a future for these guys and rightly so. I like this type of hard hitting, honest, sweaty, balls out rock. And still surprisingly melodic! This version has a couple of bonus tracks from which Evil Marie reminds me of Thin Lizzy in approach. But with titles like Drink Beer Destroy, Juggernaut (with Warwick participating), Big Truck or Stand Up And Fight, you already know beforehand there will be a lot of energy radiating. The demo´s included are a nice insight in the band´s development. Overall this will receive a warm welcome for lovers of the style. So if honest hard rock and hard riffing is your thing, check these guys out!