Brighteye Brison, V, 2019

brighteye brison - vBrighteye Brison are a name I had heard of before, but this is the first time actually hearing their music. Well, and if I tell you that  there are 3 songs on this album, that clock in at almost 67 minutes, I think most of you (when not already familiar with the band) will know exactly what this is about. Yup, progressive rock it is.

I must confess I am usually not a big fan of lengthy tracks. Mostly because they often give me the feeling of a bunch of individual ideas being forced together,  “because long songs are so popular amongst the fans”.
Yet when they really flow, and transitions and time signature and arrangement changes are made in a way that I find logical, these songs can work.

So now the question is; how are these 3 songs delivering? Well, let me first say that I really like the multi-part vocals from the Swedish quintet. They sound influenced by bands like Gentle Giant, Yes, Kansas and the like. Also their sound, with a great balance between keyboards and guitars is really up my alley. Especially since the music is melodic and not unnecessary complicated.
Having said that; the first few spins did not convince me that all the tracks and parts flow in a natural way. At least to me.
Of course this type of music needs time and a lot of listening. So over time I might feel different.

Still, lots of good stuff to enjoy, and overall interesting enough to make me want to investigate previous releases.


Legion, V, 2013

Legion - VWhat better way to celebrate post 700 (!) than with site regular Phil Vincent. And this time it is with his British companions of Legion and their staggering fifth album in 4 years (2012 saw them release 2 discs). Most of them can also be found on the blog, and the same applies to other bands and albums where this multi instrumentalist and hard working singer is involved in.
All songs are written by Phil and partner in crime Vince O´Regan (guitars) and overall this is probably the most straightforward and hard rocking band of all things he is involved in. So a mixture of NWOBHM thrown together with catchy eighties hard rock Dokken style. On which the melodies find a perfect soil to shine.

Such a pity that the eighties are gone, as this would have been huge. Actually, I can´t think of a reason why it shouldn´t be huge today. Except for the fact that marketing budgets are not as big anymore so less people are aware music like this still exists. Anyway, glad stuff like this still is available. Hooks, riffs, solo´s, pounding drums and heavy bass, the thing many still enjoy. Rockers or a rock ballad like Take You Away, it all kicks ass.

If you also consider this type of music a guilty pleasure, you know what to do! And album number six has just been announced…