Telergy, Black Swallow, 2020

telergy - black swallowAs we have already learned from past Telergy releases, mastermind Robert McClung is not only a prolific music composer, he also always finds an interesting story to build his releases upon. So it will not come as a surprise that Black Swallow is following a similar path to previous work.

The album is basically telling the story of Eugene Bullard, a 1895 born Georgia native, who moved to France while handling various jobs during the journey, who became a feared pilot in World War 1, married a French aristocrat, ran a nightclub, played drums there, and spied for the resistance in World War 2. Then another injury forced him to flee back to the USA where he ultimately died of cancer in 1961. All through his life he fought against racism and for freedom and equality.

With a star-studded cast that is way too big to mention here (over 50 names!), McClung wrote 10 tracks (with storytelling in between) that will again please his fans and hopefully win him some new ones along the way too. His music is sparkling with melodies, grandiose, and taking you along for a very interesting ride. Never overly complex, but focusing on catching your attention from the start, and taking you to the end in one go. Diverse and mesmerizing as always!

And with proceeds going to charity, you will not have to doubt spending your money on it.