Telergy, Hypatia, 2015

telergy - hypathiaAnother 2 years have passed, so it is time for the third Telergy album. As we expect by now, again a concept about a historic happening, and this time we are taken back to as far as around 400AD and the interesting story of Hypatia, daughter of Theon, guardian of the famous Alexandrian library. Another feature we have come to expect is the storytelling between the songs. Love or hate it, I personally still feel it adds charm to the album and connects the songs really well. Last but not least, the list of guest is getting more impressive with every release, so main man Robert McClung must have a valuable address book by now.

The music is of course still progressive rock and metal, enhanced with violin, choirs and orchestra. First song Astronomer (one of the disciplines Hypatia was successfully trained in) is a fine example of the wonderful orchestral additions. All even tracks on the CD are songs, the storytelling happens in the odd numbered tracks. Besides astronomy, Hypatia was also a Philosopher and a Mathematician, so these are the next tracks. You will find a total of 8 songs on the album, with a playing time of over 55 minutes. So most songs are long and sometimes bring classical music to mind. The choirs and arrangement of Philosopher for instance made me think of Carl Orff a bit, without it sounding like a cheap copy.

Albums like this need time to sink in, but to me it seems McClung is just getting better and better at what he does. Interesting music, interesting historic events, great songs and complex arrangements. I like it a lot! And if you liked his previous work you will too. Or else I suggest you start listening!