Telergy, The Exodus, 2011

telergy - the exodusAnd now on to something different! Brainchild of producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Robert McClung, Telergy has set out to translate the bible book The Exodus unto music. And instead of shrinking it down to song lyrics, he did it with instrumental songs! In between you can hear a grandmother tell parts of the story to her grandson, but a lot of the tale is left to the music and your imagination.

Of course which such a grandiose project you need help. Se we get people on cello and violin, flute, didgeridoo, choir, and Hebrew vocals. McClung uses quite the range of instruments himself: guitar, bass, ukulele, lap steel, balalaika, keyboard, etc. So as you will understand the album utilizes a range of styles and moods. From sparse violin in Pleading, orchestral in Plagues, progmetal in Enslavement and Escape (with Orff like Choir) to more world music in Pharao´s Revenge, acoustic in Avadim Hayinu or Wandering. And that is not all…
I read some comments saying that it would have been better to separate the songs from the storytelling, but personally I think it works just fine this way. Still Robert let me know in the future he will edit them into separate indexes.

So all music lovers with an open mind, a lot of beautiful melodies here, both in the more heavy parts as in the intimate pieces. Great work!


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