Tempestt, Bring ´Em On, 2008

Temptestt - Bring em OnFor some things in life you just can´t prepare. For instance, knowing that this band supported Jeff Scott Soto, I was expecting a nice melodic rock record. Boy was I wrong…

Brazilians Tempestt completely shocked me even during the first play of the CD. What a surprise. But a very pleasant one that is.

This is indeed melodic and surely rocks hard, but borders more into progressive metal territory. And the biggest surprise was the quality of the songs and the players. Singer BJ not only has a nice voice, but is able to use it in a lot of ways. Whether clean, soft, brutal or loud, he does it all in style! Guitar player Gustavo Barros must like the John Petrucci side of things, but also has a heavy Zakk Wylde side to his playing. Fantastic sound also. Another compliment goes out to bass player Paulo Soza, who shines on several moments. (don´t worry, drummer Edu Cominato is of the same calibre and co-wrote most of the songs!)

The beautiful thing is, this band focusses on songs and melody, instead of technical prowess. That makes this album so enjoyable for me. Still, the songs show their instrumental abilities in abundance, without making it sound like that being the main target. Oh, and Jeff Scott Soto returns the favour by duetting on Insanity Desire.

To sum it up, a very convincing album, which I regret not buying sooner. A must have for anyone into this type of music!

Personal play tips: just hit play and be prepared to be blown away!


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