The Answer, Everyday Demons, 2009

the answer - everyday demonsIf I am not mistaken this is the second album by this young Irish band. The Answer operate in the classic rock vein. Think Led Zeppelin, Free, Bad Company and some Thin Lizzy for good measure.

The four piece operate in classic mould: drums, bass, guitars and they all sing (but with one singing lead). In the chosen style it is hard to be original. But I think that does not really matter. For lovers of classic rock the songs and performance are what counts most. And I think The Answer can fulfil that need. And without sounding dated, in fact this is plainly relevant. Okay, this has it´s roots firmly in the seventies, but it just feels right!

I really enjoy this album. Though I did not take the time to read all the lyrics, listening the the CD I found it all very sincere and honest. There is a bonus live disk thrown in just to prove my point. (Which rocks slightly harder by the way)
And my biggest compliment must be that I don´t feel they are copying anybody. They write songs and play them and together they sound like the band they are. References okay, but no deliberate attempt to resemble one of their predecessors. Check this out!

Personal play tips: On And On, Cry Out, Tonight.