The Calling, Camino Palmero, 2001

The Calling - Camino PalmeroThis disk I have been playing a lot lately. And it made me wonder if the band would still exist since I haven´t heard of them since their second album from 2004. So I checked the web and found out they are on hiatus since 2005… Mmmhmmm, I guess their momentum has gone by now.

But regarding this CD, it is everything a melodic rock fan can hope for: catchy songs, capable musicians, great lead singer, memorable melodies. All bundled in a damn fine début. I feel this is a very uplifting and thus addictive piece of work. And with enough variation to keep you interested.

So final verdict; a shame they are on to different things, but if you are into melodic rock, get it if you don´t already own it.

Personal play tips: Nothing´s Changed, Adrienne, Stigmatized.