The Casanovas, Terra Casanova, 2015

the casanovas - terra casanovaAs it turns out this is already the third album by Melbourne trio The Casanovas. And if this one is anything to go by, then it is a very good thing they were picked up by French label Bad Reputation. That is, if you like bands like Blue Oyster Cult, Kiss, Cheap Trick, The Free or Thin Lizzy. Because without sounding like a rip off, bands like these pop into mind when listening to this album.

And I must say, what they do, they do with a great sense of humour, musical class and panache. A lot of energy is pouring from tracks like He’s Alive, Terra Casanova, Hotel Sunrise or Cold Metal. And I find it hard to resist that energy. Puts a smile on my face and makes me want to sing along and sway my fists in the air.
Yeah I can hear some say this is not exactly new or never done before. I know, but in my book there is little wrong with playing what feels good to you, especially when you are really good at it. So good I do not mind if some of it sounds strangely familiar.

This band will surely lift the roof off of any bar and make everybody sing and dance all night. And makes me curious about their previous albums. Easy to enjoy!


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