The Darkness, Permission To Land, 2003

the darkness - permission to landDue to the controversy surrounding this band I never paid much attention to them. Lately I heard their single I Believe In A Thing Called Love again and convinced myself to check them out. If only to see what the fuzz was all about.

Having listened to this, I must admit this is far better than I anticipated. Sure, Hawkins isn´t behaving like the regular rock singer with his falsetto here and there. But hey, I like Queen a lot and think Freddy is one of the best singers ever, so why not.

And I have to admit, this actually rocks! It may not be the most original material, but it´s got attitude, it´s got melody, it´s got balls and it grabs your attention from the second you press play, so how can this be bad. And with a guy wearing a Thin Lizzy T-shirt on a photo in the booklet, there´s at least one dude knowing good music 😛 . Some lyrics are also very funny, so when I get the chance, I will get their other album as well. (they did make 2 did they?)

So I suggest that everyone who likes rock should at least give it a try. Don´t let the controversy make you believe otherwise!

Personal play tips: Black Shuck, I Believe In A Thing Called Love, Stuck In A Rut.