The Deep End, Cop This, 2013

the deep end - cop thisSometimes press info sheets can be hilarious: “The Deep End kick off with a sound that smells of spilled beer and feels like sticky pub carpets. Think Rose Tattoo, early AC/DC. This is an album that invites being played loud”. But you know what, this actually is quite accurate!

This is truly music for a Friday night party. Loud, beer infused and high on adrenaline. All the style marks are here: gang vocals, thumping rhythms, sing along choruses, straight solos and nothing all too fancy music arrangement wise. And that is not saying this is not good, in the genre this just hits the mark and has the right amount of attitude and energy to stay viable throughout. Which also translates to the live show the guys deliver. That might also be the reason why the original independent release of this exceeded the 1000 piece sale and is now picked up for an official release. With the addition of no less than 4 bonus tracks for the European edition.
Something to put on and enjoy without overthinking it! And as this is the last post of the year, it comes just in time to end the year with a bang.

Enjoy the last day of 2013, be safe and see you in 2014!