The Dues, Thief Of Time, 2016

the dues - thief of timeDon’t quite know what happened the last couple of weeks, but it almost seems like someone or something has been stealing my time… So a good thing The Dues have arrived to expose that Thief Of Time. Sounding like a bastard child of all the well known power trios from the 60’s and 70’s, this Swiss trio formed in 2011. After a 2013 EP, this is their first full length.

And when I say child of the 60’s and 70’s, you can take that quite literally. So call it heavy rhythm and blues, call it seventies rock, call it what you want. This sounds like it was recorded during that flower power time, shelved and only recently re-discovered.
So yes, it took me a couple of songs to grow into that authentic sound, but then the album really starts to make sense. I can imagine why they are seen as an exciting live band, because then the rawness of the riffs and the kicking grooves will have even more impact.

Do not expect something you have never heard before. But do expect a band that loves what it does and does it with conviction and panache. And be aware, addiction risk is in order here.