The Foxholes, Konzert, 2020

the foxholes - konzertOf course, reviewing this CD means for the foreseeable future I will have a hard time explaining I rarely discuss live albums here on the blog. But when I can make an exception for Subsignal in the previous post, nothing is stopping me from talking about Spanish band The Foxholes either. Even if only because this one is much rawer and in your face.

But that might give you the wrong idea. The Foxholes are a good and honest band, and several of their albums have already found their way here. So you can find prime cuts like La Ciencia De La Confusion, Mephistopheles and King Cujo on the playlist. Or check Invader Proxy, and try to discover how many licks and phrases from well known songs you recognize. They are a hard-working band too. In fact a new release is on its way or has already arrived.

Yes, it is safe to say that the trio manage to make a lot of noise and win their crow over with their energy and enthusiasm. And with some songs in English and other in Spanish, the whole of their fanbase will be able to connect. Even when the music is more important than the language.