The Jan Holberg Project, At Your Service, 2013

jan holberg project - at your serviceBass player Jan Holberg was a force unknown to me, Yet he must have a something to offer, or else he would not have been able to get people like Joe Lynn Turner or Tony Carey on board. And if you think with those names we are heading into Rainbow territory (as both are ex-members) you are wrong. Jan wrote all the songs, but lyrics are mostly handed by the person who sings the song. Might be wise, that way a connection to the delivery is certain.

First song on the album, Water Rising, is sung by Age Sten Nilsen and made me think of Toto, Joseph Williams version. Especially the man´s backing vocals bear a striking resemblance to Joe´s! And with the name Toto in play, that is the type of music on offer here. So rocky, groovy and at times a bit funky, stuff to listen to all day and never get bored. Turner shines in the ballad Jealousy And Pride, Carey delivers on Outta My Face, yep, all seem to be having fun. And that radiates from this album that only really has one flaw: with a running time of less than 36 minutes it is way to short! So next time more songs please, and I wouldn´t mind if Jan adds more beautiful instrumentals like album closer I Still Remember!