The Kentish Spires, Sprezzatura, 2019

the kentish spires - sprezzaturaSecond album from this outfit arrives hot on the heels of their debut. Now officially a sextet, so ready to come for you (when live performances are allowed again).

And where the first was a result of process of months of work, this one they recorded in 40 days straight, going for the ideas that immediately worked. From memory this one sounds a bit more polished though.

The result is an album that still contains their nod to the Canterbury style music wise, but with songs that are more easy to get into. At least that is my impression. And progrock fans will be pleased that the 8 songs consist of 2 trilogies, giving it a bit of a concept feel.

So it seems the band are growing as a unit, and are out to grow their fanbase too. Deservedly so!