The Lazys, Self Titled, 2015

the lazysAh yes, this is familiar ground for French label Bad Reputation. This is a band from Australia, and they play rock. So you can bet that AC/DC is named in the press info. But when that is followed by the likes of The Saints, Midnight Oil and Cold Chisel, expectations are raised…

First track Show Me What You’re Made Of is your usual suspect. It is obviously meant to party to and does the trick. Shake It Like You Mean It shows a bit more diversity, but is still perfect fodder for any rock party out there. Really Ready is firing on all cylinders with its high tempo and straight forward thinking. And most of what comes next is in familiar territory. And when you know that the 12 songs on here last you almost 40 minutes, you will know that the boys aim to hit you hard. Only the somewhat longer songs prove a vision beyond the in your face rock attitude.

So the conclusion must be that this is more AC/DC than Midnight Oil. There is nothing wrong with that of course, I am sure these guys tear the roof off every joint that lets them in. Nothing new maybe, but rock solid they sure are. Enjoy!