The Love Me Nots, Sucker, 2014

the love me nots - suckerFrom the USA (Phoenix) we have The Love Me Nots with their latest release. This time on Bad Reputation, so that should tell you we are entering the rock arena. Described as a fuzz and farfisa rock band in the press sheet, with roots in the garage scene. Don’t know about all that, as I have never heard of them before, so just took a couple of listens with an open mind.

And you know what, that fuzz and farfisa rock is a pretty accurate description. But don’t think this sounds like a lousy garage demo. I feel this has a bit of a punky attitude ( I was strangely reminded of The Ramones at times) and is overall straight forward. Short songs that get to the point quickly and are delivered with a lot of melody, energy and attitude. So that makes it easy to understand the pop – rock – indie tag. The 2 ladies and 2 gentlemen clearly know what they are doing and they do it well. In fact they deliver so convincingly that I found it impossible not to like what I was hearing. Pretty sure they tear the house down when they play live.

So for me a pleasant introduction to the band. If you like to party and need a soundtrack to go with that, put this on the list!