The Murder Of My Sweet, Divanity, 2010

The Murder Of My Sweet - DivanityA band with practically a who´s who in Swedish rock. I mean Johan Niemann on bass, Daniel Palmqvist on guitars and Daniel Flores on drums; you could do worse! Together with Andreas Lindahl on keyboards and the unknown (to me) singer Angelica Rylin the band obviously mean business.

Melodic metal with some Gothic touches, this is well crafted music that will appeal to many. And to only address that to focal point Angelica does not do the album justice. With players of this calibre it is probably of little wonder that this leaves little to be desired. Big pompous sound with a lot going on arrangement wise. Yet the melodies and convincing vocals keep it all together.

So even if it all hints at a formulaic approach to attract the unaware fan, the quality is undeniable and you should delve into tracks like No Evil, Bleed Me Dry (video on the disk as well), One Bullit,  or the amazing album closer Death Of A Movie Star. You will not be disappointed.