The Needs, You Need The Needs, 2019

the needs frontDon’t know how this ended up on my desk, but currently making rounds in my CD player is this album “You Need The Needs” from The Needs (duh).

There are 12 titles on the disk. And when I tell you the total playing time is still below 30 minutes, I guess you agree that must mean either some short interludes, or it is a punk album.

Well, both are true to some extent. There are indeed 2 short ditties, and there are several songs bursting of punk energy. But it is a melodic kind of punk, coupled with a healthy dose of powerpop. The result is a mix that is fairly easy on the ears and still has enough vibrancy to get you moving. And Hey Wake Up should be a hit if you want my 2 cents…

Fans of bands from the likes of The Offspring to Cheap Trick, chances are you will like this! I know I do, and I want more 🙂