The Night Watch, Self Titled, 2013

the night watchAh, and just when you are talking violins, The Night Watch comes by. Not the famous painting from Rembrandt, but a Canadian band that have no singer, but instead a lead violinist that takes that role. This, their self titled debut was conceived since their start in 2008 and after much writing, performing, recording and producing now sees the light of day.

In a way the line up alone is testament of their progressive identity. It takes confidence to make instrumental music and stick to it. So I find it way cool this has turned out to be a very enjoyable affair! The quartet of Evan Runge (violin), Matt Cowan (fretless bass), Nathanaël Larochette (guitars) and Daniel Mollema (drums), must have done quite some soul searching, because their music, whilst not being overly complex, still has a lot of dynamics and a plethora of beautiful melodies. The way heaviness is used is interesting, but because of the violin played melodies you never lose sight of the song. So despite the lack of words, I found it easy to connect with the album. And especially the more intimate parts are plain beautiful. In a way, it is not hard to imagine this supporting some movie, it certainly has a cinematic appeal.

Congrats to the band, and all lovers of things progressive (or instrumental): do not hesitate and go check them out!