The Radio Sun, Heaven Or Heartbreak, 2015

the radio sun - heaven o rheartbreakRound two from these Aussies, and again on Melodic Rock Records. And more things are the same, as again Paul Laine was responsible for mixing the album. Another thing that has not changed is the music itself. As the name of the label already suggests, melodic rock.

Opening with the track the album got it’s name from, it is clear from the word go what we will get served: quality melodic rock built on steady riffs, tons of melody and flashy solos courtesy of Black Majesty‘s Steve Janevski. During playback of this album, it did seem that singer Jason Old has grown in his performance. Maybe it is just me, but it felt more confident and powerful. Whether in the rocking songs, or the great ballad Dying Without Your Love, there is a lot to like about this album.

Overall a rock solid follow up to the first album, and a nice surprise in the addition of Andy Taylor’s I Might Lie. Fans of the label or the genre, in case they do not already have it, you know what to do! Oh, and number 3 is already on the way…