The Radio Sun, Wrong Things Right, 2014

the radio sun - wrong things rightWith their new album expected for coming September, I’d better hurry with writing about the The Radio Sun debut! Another Aussie band on Down Under label Melodic Rock Records, and with on guitar Black Majesty’s Steve Janevski. Yet here the guitars rock in a much more polished fashion when compared to that band. This is more in the Journey mould of things. High on melody and catchy as hell, so short songs (3 to 4 minutes) with massive amounts of harmony vocals to make sure everyone is able to enjoy this and a bit of guitar soloing along the way. All 4 members contribute to the vocal department, but lead singer Jason Old is showing the way. Furthermore we have Ben Wignall on drums and Robbie Erdmanis on bass. And some guests too, like Paul Laine (Danger Danger) providing keyboards and backing vocals and also mixing the album.

The album as said is really melodic and polished, personally I like the somewhat longer songs like (especially) World’s Gone Crazy, Goodbye or Beginning Or The End best. I think they are a bit more adventurous and have more intense guitar playing. I suppose Janevski does the soloing and he puts a lot of heart and soul into his playing. But for anyone who likes their rock melodic this is a no brainer and definitely one to pick up.