The Random Riots, Vintage Violence, 2014

the random riots - vintage violenceEver since the Bad Reputation label partnered with the blog, we have been able to present a lot of good  to great rock bands to you. Another addition to the label is Swedish outfit The Random Riots. This five piece has been around since 2004 and deliver their debut, to be released on June 2, 2014. Their vision is to play old fashioned rock ´n roll.

And old fashioned it is. Or at least, that is how it sounds. For a 2013 recording, it sounds more or less recorded live in someone´s garage. It sounds pure, sweaty and straight. Not too much production tricks, just plug in and play the damn thing. In that way they managed to capture some punk swagger and AC/DC attitude on this album. And you know what, that brings a certain charm to the table. This is as honest as it gets. No autotune, no compression till everything is as plat as a pancake. Probably just some guitars plugged into some Marshalls and then it is one two three four! At times I was reminded a bit of a more rockier Rory Gallagher, with other references being Status Quo, The Hellacopters and MC5.

While it may not be everybody’s taste, it takes balls to deliver an album in this format, and for that they deserve credit no matter what. High on energy and authentic. Not tags you can put to everything that is fired at us nowadays…