The Selenites, Moon Madness, 2020

the selenites - moon madnessI must confess that after the first play I was not sure what to think about this album. But as usual I forced myself to listen a couple of times more and yes, I slowly warmed up to this album.

The reason for my initial hesitance was that it is a Fifties / Sixties rock ‘n roll and rockabilly album. Think Buddy Holly, Bill Haley, etc. But after a while I was thinking, if the Stray Cats can build a career on this sound, why not these 3 cats (pun intended) from Austria. I mean, this stuff becomes catchy as the flu after a few spins, so there must be enough people out there who will fall for this sound.

After all, the guys know what they are doing, the songs are there, and it sounds authentic, albeit conform modern standards. It is a fun record, and it should be regarded as such.

I say mission accomplished!