The Tubes, Mondo Birthmark, 2010

the tubes - mondo birthmarkDespite the fact that The Tubes aren´t as big as they should have been (personal opinion), they really can do no wrong with me. Okay, I do like their more commercial and rocking material best, but those very first albums also succeeded to claim their space among my fond memories. I mean, a lot of material is hilarious. And other just simply rock your socks off.

So now they hit us with this new album. Well, wait a minute, the album may be new, but the material on it certainly is not. The backside subtitle is “Mutant Memories from the early seventies”. And that says it all really. What is on offer here are recordings from before the release of their official first self titled album from 1975. Or as they put it themselves, the songs that didn´t get us signed. Brilliant humour as always.

Some tracks are in fact familiar. We find early versions of the classic White Punks On Dope or Mondo Bondage here. And some lyrics are so off the map, it is obvious why label reps were not eager to sign them based on that. But do we really care?
I guess it is safe to say that this is not going to win them many new fans. No, if you want to discover this band, try The Completion Backward Principle, Remote Control or Outside Inside first.
But for the aficionados like me, this is a wonderful insight in the early development of this vastly underrated band. Who, besides their keen eye for stunning live shows with all it´s theatrics, are great songwriters too, who are very adequate on their instrument of choice.
Love it!

Personal play tips: hey it´s  The Tubes…


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