The Wheel, Self Titled, 2011

The WheelOkay, take a look at the cover on the left. Screams symphonic rock you say? Well, then you got it all wrong,  as this new Norwegian band is a hard rocking affair. And I might add, a very convincing one at that!
Just try to imagine that Chris Cornell and Robert Plant had offspring (yeah I do know that is impossible) who would sing in an updated version of Badlands. Okay maybe too difficult to see before you, but what I am trying to say is that these guys have managed to give us an album that is firmly rooted in 70´s hard rock, but transferred it to modern times.
It grooves, it is pure and raw with hardly overdubs besides to enhance the solo parts, vocals (both lead and harmony) are stellar, songs showcase all the talent on board and are melodic, dynamic and hitting home hard. I just love this thing! It is just impossible to resist the energy and feel pouring out of the speakers and for once I am gonna take the advice the band themselves give ” To be played at Maximum Volume”.

So anyone into bands like Led Zeppelin, Soundgarden, Badlands and cohorts, you gotta hear this to believe it. They are touring Europe soon, so please go check them out and support this treasure.