The White Kites, Missing, 2014

the white kites - missingTo the list of Polish progressive bands on their way to an international crowd, we can now add The White Kites. Claiming to be inspired by British rock from the 60´s and 70´s (Pink Floyd, the Zombies, Genesis) they set out to create a world of epic stories, humorous sketches and humble ballads. Filled with distorted guitars, rumbling organs, flutes and the mesmerising mellotron.

And yet, the two names first popping up in my mind were Jethro Tull and Camel. This because of the flutes and because of the mostly mellow nature on the material. I do recognize the inspiration of the sixties and seventies, as it is clearly rearing it´s head throughout the album. In that sense The Beatles might also be a reference here. And it is the overall sound of the album that makes this reference a valid one. No over compressed heavy guitars, not all levels to the max. Instead a CD full of breathing room, dynamic and paying tribute to the days of old. Where it all was about songs and stories, about melodies and about writing an album, instead of delivering a couple of greats, and fill the rest up with, well fillers. Some parts might be looked upon as more theatre than actual songs, but in the whole of the album, that works just fine for me.
I liked listening to it, its fragility here, or pop sensibility there, just is okay with me. And if that is all right with you too, go check these guys out!