The Wrong Object, After The Exhibition, 2013

the wrong object - after the exhibitionFor a while I was tempted by beginning this write up with the remark that the band does their name justice. As I mentioned in my post about the first MoonJune Records album featured here, this label is specializes in music that is a bit off the map. So I hung in and kept listening to the album. But first a little more info about the band.
Because, despite me not knowing about them, they actually have a lot of history behind them and have also played with a lot of names even I recall, like Elton Dean and Ed Mann. For this CD the band have expanded tot a sextet and added more electronics and even some vocals. The press sheet says they are inspired by a diverse range of artists like Soft Machine, Gong, Béla Bartok, King Crimson, Charlie Mingus and Frank Zappa. Thus venturing further into hybrid musical territories, pushing the boundaries of jazz and rock.

And boy, do they push boundaries… even at first spin it is obvious that the jazz roots are prominent. These musicians are very skilled and change tempo and styles like other people change lanes on a highway. So in that respect it is a very demanding album. You really have to expose yourself to it and open up. Then the magic will sooner or later happen to you as well. Beautiful moods, intricate arrangements and adventurous songs. It is all there but hides behind a shroud of seemingly random notes.

So if you are not afraid to grab this and not let go, you might get hooked as well!