Them Crooked Vultures, Same, 2009

them crooked vulturesThis trio of Josh Homme, Dave Grohl and especially John Paul Jones of course need no further introduction. But as we all know that big names are no guarantee for good music, I was still unsure what to expect from this release.

And I must admit, the first few plays did not help me much except leave me with mixed feelings. Yeah sure, some songs are wonderful, like Elephants or Gunman. There the combination on offer really works and delivers stunning melodies and strong songs.
Other titles seem to suffer from incoherence though. Like no one was really sure which way to go. And yet, this feeling you are listening to something special keeps yearning….

I mean it is a bold move to release an album with one foot firm in the seventies (placing of instruments in the mix) and one in the modern times (alternative touches). So you keep playing it and slowly but surely you start getting the bigger picture. And when you do, you realize here is genius at work.
This is all about true music. The craft of writing without format or being pushed into a certain direction the A&R manager wants you to go. Indeed, the way music should always be treated. So there you go. If you are not afraid to invest some serious time, you will be rewarded with an album that slowly reveals it´s secrets and beauty.