Theocracy, As The World Bleeds, 2011

Theocracy - as the world bleedsWow, the people at Ulterium Records have a nose for finding top quality bands! And then together deliver an album on which all the details are perfect. So far, their releases sound and look great!

So this time I am having a ball listening to the new Theocracy album As The World Bleeds. To my knowledge their second one. The music is a kind of power metal mixed with progressive elements. So we get the galloping drums and happy sing a long choruses with catchy melodies, but also lots of guitar shredding, instrumental interludes that reveal a lot of technical prowess and all wrapped in songs that make a lasting impact. I am always glad when musicians know it is all about the song and less about the muscle.

From opening track I Am (an 11 minute epic) to shorter tracks like The Master Storyteller, Hide In The Fairytale or Light Of The World, to longer tracks like The Gift Of Music or the title track, this band delivers. A very pleasant listen recommended to anyone into the genres mentioned. And it is because of those progressive elements the album stays fresh, even after repeated play. Wonderful, I have to dig up their first one as well!


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