Threshold, For The Journey, 2014

threshold - for the journeyOne Of Britain’s finest is back with a new release. For someone like me, that is pretty much all I need to know. After all, Threshold never have released a sub par album! Even if I keep missing Mac a bit, Damian Wilson of course is a very talented singer as well, and is really in high spirits here. As is the band.

Maybe this is even one of their most accessible releases to date. And that without compromising on any of the things I have come to love about the band. If anything, it seems they keep improving on all levels. So the wall of sound is there, the use of dynamics, the songs, the melodies, the riffs, the solos and so on.

I don’t even want to name any of the tracks in particular, as for me this album should find a home with everybody into progressive metal. Heck, even if your not, but you like listening to good melodic music and don’t mind things getting heavy here and there, than this is something to look into. I prefer this to some bigger names in the genre because here the songs are always key, and not the showing off on technical abilities. Which are there in abundance anyway.

Okay, now where is that repeat button…