Thunder, The EP Sessions 2007 – 2008, 2009

Thunder - The EP Sessions 2007-2008One of my favourite British rock bands of the last decades has again decided to call it quits. ALAS! On this release they have assembled the EP´s they released in 2007 and 2008.
If you don´t know Thunder, my advice is to go out and buy Behind Closed Doors or Laughing On Judgement Day. Those will tell you enough about the quality and craftsmanship on offer.

And if you do know the band, this is another fine release. Yeah I know, I don´t understand why they are not a house hold name either. I am not sure if this will gather them many new fans though. The title may suggest this is a collection of leftovers and bonus tracks. But Thunder don´t record songs they don´t believe in. So we get some typical songs like Midlife Crisis, Survivor or Yesterday´s News. Also several live versions are included to please the fans. And what to think of a naked version of Yesterday´s News or a missionary position version of I Believe? I guess Thunder fans just love that tongue in cheek stuff.

To conclude, essential for Thunder fans or people into quality rock. But not on par with their best releases. Still an enjoyable affair from a band that deserves more credit.