Tide, No 4, 2012

tide - no 4From the title it is obvious this is not the first album by Tide. But it took some internet searching to find out more about the band. Would have been nice to get at least some info with the CD guys! Anyway, as it turns out, Tide is around since 2005 and, albeit founded in the Netherlands, is a Slovenian band. This album was released in 2012, but just reached my desk a short while ago.

The album is a bit of a two faced monster. First songs Riot Act and Mud are really heavy modern rock songs. With good melodies I might add. Next track Love Is Gone is a modern rock song, but without the heaviness. Cool tune nonetheless. Don’t Look Back is again a bit more rocking, with addictive melodies. The song Believe sounds very much like Coldplay have finally realised they need to rock out more, as the guitars are accompanied by a simple yet effective piano line.
By now it is clear the boys know what they do. It all sounds impeccable, no matter in which style the song is delivered. In essence I think this is a modern hard rock band. Yet able to turn a bit left or right here and there. And above all with their feet in the now, and their heart probably in the eighties. So the production is full and rich, with melodic singing and catchy harmony vocals. Songs are short, so will appeal to many. Damn fine discovery, so worth investing your time in!