Tiebreaker, Death Tunes, 2016

tiebreaker - death tunesAnd within a year another Tiebreaker album. Well, that is not 100% true, as their previous one saw an independent release before Karisma Records picked them up. That is, if memory serves me right. Anyway, I liked that one, so was curious how this would impact me.

But nobody needs to worry, if We Come From The Mountains got you moving, then this one will kick you as hard, if not a tad harder. The 5 piece from the massive nature and industrial silence of Norway’s Odda still rock with a passion. Time stood still around the Seventies there, but what they bring is of high calibre, filled to the brim with passionate melodic riffing and spiced with a bluesy melancholy. Besides that, their attitude of “take no prisoners” pays off. And with an average song of around 4 minutes, they waste no time and keep things fresh and relevant.
From the hard hitting opener Hell to the lengthy and more mellow closer Heavy Lifting, this is a treat. All 10 songs are a showcase for their desire to rock, and singer Thomas Espeland Karlsen is tailor made for this type of hard rock. But in fact all the guys do their job very well.

So no need to dwell, if you like your rock in your face, sweaty and real, this is a must. Rock On!