Tiebreaker, We Come From The Mountains, 2015

tiebreaker - we come from the mountainsSaid to be one of the most hard working bands in Norway, this 2014 self released album now gets an international release on the Karisma Records label. So honing their skills with over 200 shows since 2013, the classic seventies rock of this bunch is now available for everybody with a hunger for the music of bands like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple or modern examples like Rival Sons and Wolfmother. And not to forget The Black Crowes, although with a pinch less soul.

And listening to this I must say, they are good at what they do. Yes you hear their influences (like a bit of Hey Joe in The Getaway) but in my book that is not a bad thing unless you are blatantly ripping those songs off. Which is not the case here. For me this music sounds authentic, so feels very recognisable and thus comfortable. There is a great energy pouring from my speakers and the band convince on all levels. They know how to use dynamics and that light and dark, combined with the feel good grooves makes for a sound that will undoubtedly win over any audience willing to listen. Singer Thomas Espeland Karlsen has a voice tailor made for this music and guitar players Eirik Wik Haug and Olav Areklett Vikingstad have their twin attack down to perfection. No info on the keyboards but that hammond here and there sure fires up the engine even more. Keeping it all together are Patrick Andersson on bass and Pal Gunnar Dale on drums.

I am sure if they keep going at this, they will rise to the forefront of retro sounding bands, great start!