Tim Morse, Transformation, 2005

tim morse - transformationSome people write difficult music and just sound too clever for their own good. And some experiment and combine ideas, styles and various arrangements and challenge the listener but will eventually succeed in achieving bonding to the music.

In my humble opinion, Tim Morse is of the second kind. This is the effort of 3 guys and a cast of guests and produced an intriguing album to say the least. References are Worldtrade, Trent Gardner (Magellan) the Rabin period of Yes and other greats of progressive rock.

So you will have to understand that this is not an easy album to get into. It has an overflow of ideas which are all expertly executed. But somehow you don´t get lost. You just need time to find your way. So for anyone not shying away of investing time to listen to an album, this is definitely something to pick up. A lot of light and dark, nice melodies, great playing and a crispy clear production.

A wonderful discovery, so heartily recommended to any prog lover. No play tips, this is best enjoyed as a whole. Only bad news, the website hasn´t been updated since 2005, so I have no clue what is going on in the Tim Morse camp.