Tim Treffers, Never Trust A Man In A Fur Coat, 2015

tim treffers - never trust a man in a fur coatMust say that this is a very pleasant acquaintance with fellow Dutch musician Tim Treffers. And for a debut, it sounds refreshingly confident. The sound of this is a mixture of Steely Dan, Partner (a Dutch band too many people have forgotten) and other bands that combine pop sensibilities with funky grooves and jazzy soul and throw in a dash of rock here and there.

And who can say no to the advice that Making Love Is Good For You? What a catchy tune. Breaking The Chain on the other hand is a piano ballad with a heartfelt delivery that slowly builds into a full blown song. Love Is The Ruler is another song with a great (seventies) vibe and another contender for a single as far as I am concerned. Gypsy floats on a reggae like beat and holds another catchy chorus. Mister Therapy Man made me somehow think of Billy Joel, with those great harmony vocals over the piano. Also a track with fine musical arrangements.

So eleven songs and about 35 minutes of attractive music that sounds commercial, yet holds artistic integrity. I am sure that anyone that makes the effort to pick this up, will love it. It is that good!


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