TJR, Another Roll Of The Dice, 2007

tjr - another roll of the diceIn my opinion humour is one of the toughest things to convey in music. On top of the bill in that aspect to me are Frank Zappa and Ton Engels (Blowbeat). And now TJR has added himself to that pretty short list.
Besides being one of the main characters behind the mighty Music Worth Buying, TJR is also a singer and guitar player. Who writes some damn funny lyrics as you will have understood. Song titles like Peace Love And Don´t Trust MTV or Jesus Loves You (Everyone Else Thinks You’re An A**hole) really say it all.

The album is a pretty varied affair. Think blues SRV style, pop rock, acoustic and some more straight rock things. From slow to medium fast tempo´s, and from intimate to full band settings. And a very interesting and beautiful cover of the Hey Ya tune from André 3000. TJR’s trademark is his semi acoustic guitar which he plays with great finesse and feel. And his brown voice of course.

His accompanying note says this is one of his proudest moments. And without knowing all of his other stuff, I feel the statement is supported by the album. So check him out!